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* All the forms and documents from Chapters 8-10 plus radio and TV shows are available at 50% off when you purchase a copy of the book at either of these facilities.


A comprehensive and multifaceted thesis on Interventional Endocrinology (Anti Aging Medicine) with in depth explainations and directions to start your own clinical practice.  Based upon 10 years of applied evidence-based science, this book is an anthology of works used to achieve a clinical practice of Interventional Endocrinology. 

Chapter Titles

  • Introduction to Interventional Endocrinology
  • The Diagnosis and Treatment of Andropause
  • The Diagnosis and Treatment of Menopause
  • The Diagnosis and Treatment of Somatopause
  • The Post-Traumatic Brain Injury Syndrome
  • The Frailty Syndrome
  • The Front Desk Guide
  • Complete Office Forms
  • The Female Patient Handbook
  • The Male Patient Handbook
  • The Legal Considerations for Practicing Interventional Endocrinology
  • Annotated References
  • Bibliography